A crazy amount of travelling

The plans exist in our heads for a very long time now: we’ll be doing a crazy amount of travelling starting this August. We’ll start off our adventure with a trip on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, which ends in Beijing, then hop through China, enter Nepal, visit some places in South-East Asia, chill at a few beaches in the Philippines or somewhere else, and take some time to reflect on and enjoy local life for a few weeks in places we like the most.

All with a lot of flexibility and knowing our plans might change along the way, because travelling seems to be the one activity that transforms your body and soul the most. I’m curious and excited about all the places and people we’ll meet on the road, and can’t wait to take our first flight to Moscow.


  1. Nice! I am interested and will follow your trip. Have fun and be carefull.

    • Hey Rob! We zijn van plan ergens tussen de 6 en 9 maanden weg te gaan :-) Leuk dat je een ouderwetse reactie achterlaat op een blog! Doet me aan een goede oude tijd terugdenken ;-)

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